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Your Health Through Your Eyes and Your Fingernails

Your Health Through Your Eyes and Your Fingernails

We all know that health is really important not only to women but for all. Knowing about your own body’s health status is something important to learn about. Not only you may be able to know if you are on a healthy status but also you may be able to prevent the rapid spread of disease and infection in your body through early diagnosis. It is important to know about your health and see all the flaws in your body’s health status for you to know and prevent diseases that may be severe if left undiagnosed like cancer, heart and kidney problems. Women’s health information may be learned through different books and magazines about health and wellness and as well as through professional inquiry to a medical professional. But if you are budget wise and wants to save money for future use, you may learn about women’s health information through your own body’s physical aspects.

Did you know that women’s health information may be known through specific parts of your own body? These are the eyes, teeth, skin and more amazingly the fingernails. Yes! Your fingernails can show your health status like the eyes and the skin. A good look at your fingernails and you may know if you are sick or you lack something important for your body. “Just like the eyes are the windows to the soul, so are the nails,” Says Tamara Lior, MD, a dermatologist in Cleveland Clinic Florida. Women’s health information through fingernails can be easily noticed. A sudden change in color, shape, and texture may signify various health risk conditions that may be harmful if neglected. Before you look at your fingernails, you must first know its parts so that you are able to factually distinguish health information through your finger nails. Fingernails protects the inside of your finger, as well as it helps for a firm grip to objects. Fingernails consist of strong and flexible keratinous nail plate coming from the nail matrix. Then there is the lunula, the visible part of the nail matrix which looks like a whitish crescent-shape found at the base of the nail bed. Under the nail plate lays the nail bed which is the skin under the fingernails which is like the normal skin that has dermis and epidermis. Between the skin and the nail plate lies the nail fold, which acts like the border territory of the nail to the skin. A healthy fingernail appears pinkish in color and surface is convex from side to side. Healthy fingernails are pinkish because of rich blood and oxygen supply.

Women’s health information may be known through changes in the physical characteristics and aspects of the fingernails. A sudden change in color, texture and shape may give clues about underlying diseases. The causes of the sudden changes may be from a simple reason to a life threatening disease. The following abnormal findings about the nails with probable cause and connection to health risks are discussed here.   To be sure of your own women’s health information you must still verify it to a professional healthcare provider or to your doctor.

First is the color of the nails. Healthy nails are pinkish. It turns white to indicate iron and poor blood circulation, which indicates that blood, is not reaching the ends of the fingers. Dark red nails may indicate that there is so much cholesterol and fats in the body. Increase in blood cholesterol may lead to inactive liver and blocked arteries. Red-violet nails indicate upset stomach due to high intake of sugar, drugs, tropical fruits and juices. White spots I the surface of the nails indicate high sugar intake from alcohol, fruits and chocolate, it may also indicate that there is a lack of zinc in the body which is needed for mineral breakdown in the digestion process. Nail color becomes pale if you have anaemia, while fungal infection makes nail black. If you have pneumonia nails become greenish or blackish. Red spots may be caused by trauma or pressure and heart diseases. Internal haemorrhages make bluish black spots in the nails. Pleural infection causes nails to become yellowish.

The texture of the nails may also be observed and may be related to health risk. If your nails are brittle it may be due to aging but may also indicate several health risks. Brittle nails may indicate Raynaud’s Disease, hypothyroidism, and lung diseases. It may also be caused by skin diseases like psoriasis, endocrine disorders, tuberculosis, and malnutrition. Flaky nails may be because of over-consumption of sugar and additives. When you noticed that your nail bed has vertical ridges that may indicate digestive problems and kidney problems.

The form and shape of the nails may only be a result of trauma or nail cutting, but if it was caused by abnormal cases, be sure to ask for a professional medical diagnosis. There are different cases of which illnesses and diseases affect the form of your nails. Clubbing is another disease that causes deformity in the nails. Clubbing is the painless increase in the tissue around the ends of the fingers. In this case the nails become more convex and the finger tip becomes round. Clubbing may come from lung diseases like pulmonary tuberculosis, abdominal diseases like liver cirrhosis and heart diseases. It may also be caused by cancer in the bronchus. Koilonychia is another case which deforms the nail and makes it look like a spoon. This condition may be seen to individuals experiencing iron deficiency diseases like anaemia.  Looking at your nails may let you know if you have a symptom of dermatomyositis. If your cuticles became ragged and is experiencing nail fold telangiectasia it may be a sign of deratomyositis.  The form of the nails may be affected by several aspects, may it be from diseases or from natural cases still you must have yourself checked with a medical professional for a credible medical diagnosis. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, the shape of the nails may prove the individuals characteristics and personality. An oblong-shaped nail says that you are a harmonious and well-balanced person. If you have square nails it means that you are an earthly and balanced individual but is mentally rigid. Long nails means that you are an artistic and creative individual but you lack physical strength.  And if you have oval shaped nails it means that you are sensitive and you have a weak digestive system. You may believe to traditional practices but still you must remember that health must always be inquired to health professional for further information.

Hygiene is also important in maintaining a healthy nail. Cleaning and trimming your nails regularly may prevent the spread of bacteria and fungi throughout your nails and eventually to your body.  The transfer of dirt to your body may involve ingestion of pathogens while eating. The nail bed and the nail fold serves as pathogens for fungal infections and bacteria that may be dangerous if ingested. Common organisms that enter our bodies through our nails are worms, streptococci bacteria, fungus and several worms. Paronychia is one infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus or streptococci. It causes chronic irritation, trauma to the nail fold, and loss of the cuticle. Paronychia is common to people who bite and suck their thumb of finger. Personal care and hygiene is important for the nails to be healthy and always beautiful.

Nails may help you in learning your own health condition. It serves as a window inside your body like the eyes and the skin. You may determine your health condition by simply looking at your nails and other body parts. But according to researches, most symptoms of diseases appear before your nails react to eat, like lung diseases, you may notice that you are coughing first, before your nails react to eat. Nails may be used as a basis for knowing your health condition, but you must not rely barely on it. You must still consider the help of medical professionals in discovering your health condition through diagnosis. Women’s health information is a very important key in preventing diseases that may be crucial if not cured.


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