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Your top Women’s Fitness Magazine

Your top Women’s Fitness Magazine

“Become fit, healthy and Fabulous!” If these are the things you’re aiming to be, women’s fitness magazines will surely work for you. It serves as a reference for men and women on different age levels that guides them on how to keep their body healthy, fit and strong. If you’re looking for the fitness magazine that will surely work for you, here are some top women’s fitness magazines (these are not in order, such that sales often change depending on each issue release).

First let us start with the Women’s Health magazine. I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that this is the most well-known health and women’s fitness magazine. It provides you guide from workouts to lipsticks to keep you fit, in-shape. Gives women detailed information to make them look good and feel great of themselves and take control of their lives.  With 10 issues released per year, women are now becoming aware on different issues that women often neglect. It eventually comes with the counter magazine focusing on MEN, which we all know as the Men’s Health Magazine. Their website is always updated which also aid the magazine to be well-known even in other countries.

Self provides a fun approach on fitness and health. It focuses on real women issues and addresses the issues with advices that are really applicable to real life. Relating personal and true-to-life experiences enables the editors and writers to really understand the women needs and makes theirs readers relate on their issues and topics easily.

Women’s Fitness magazine’s aim is for women to attain healthy lifestyle by nourishing the mind body and spirit. Their 10 issues per year provide expert advice on fitness, beauty, relationships, health, diet and nutrition. If you try to check their website, you’ll see their free personal trainer video to be able to execute workouts properly.

“We focus on the real picture.”  Shape magazine not only provides health and beauty tips, diet, fitness and weight loss but also includes recipe that women can create to ensure they have safe and healthy foods on their plate. With 12 issues per year, you can be updated on latest fashion and beauty trends, and advices on nutrition and even psychology.

If you’re looking on a magazine with muscular but very beautiful women, you may be seeing the issue of the Oxygen magazine. It may be quite intimidating for some average women, but for the editors, the image simply show that even average women can have such magnificent body with the help of the tips on health and nutrition given by professionals. They provide real-to-life stories to inspire average women to look great beyond their expectations. It releases 12 issues per year to reach women who want to better themselves with proper nutrition and exercise.

There are several exclusive magazines that are exclusive for a particular fitness workout such as Pilates Style, Yoga magazine, Runner’s World and Muscle and Fitness. Pilates Style is a magazine exclusively for Pilates. It provides readers from step-by-step instructions, latest trends, new equipments, accessories, and apparel for Pilates. Yoga magazine brings yoga news, celebrity interviews and everything s that has got to do with Yoga. It provides poses, healthy eating, and new products for all Yogis to enhance their practice and improve well-being. Runner’s World informs, educates and inspires runners of all ages and abilities. Though not solely considered a women’s magazine, but for women who have the passion for running, this is great. It contains profiles, race coverage, training advices, nutrition information and product reviews. For bodybuilders, Muscle and Fitness provides expert health and fitness advice for men and women on every fitness level.

All of the Women’s fitness magazine stated as well as others fitness magazines basically promotes one goal: For women to become fit and healthy. You may choose whichever fits your body or your lifestyle. However, despite the goal they are promoting, there are some who find these magazine to be bad and fraud. The fitness magazines manipulates our mind such that we are becoming used that when they say fit and healthy, what really comes to our mind is being slim and trim. These magazines tend to play with our insecurities to provide us with what they called solution but what is really happening is that we are forgetting the concept of loving oneself and accepting who you really are. The magazine makes us lose our self-esteem by providing us with figures and models that serve as false standard for beauty and wellness.  They all tend to tell lies on what we are to do, what to have in order to allure us on the different products they are promoting on every issue they release. Basically, they are all liars and eventually pay others to eventually say all those lies, those whom they call experts and professionals. For them, you have to make yourself so thin and remove so much fat to consider you amazing. We, women should not be manipulated.

After knowing the pro’s and con’s of the fitness magazines, now, it is for you to decide either to patronize or antagonize these magazines. These Women’s Fitness Magazines are always available in the market. No one can push you to buy them or not. As for me, you may do whatever you want with them.  To follow or not to follow is what makes you a woman. The ability to decide for yourself is the gift you have to treasure and what makes other people respect you. The most important thing is to basically love yourself, change is always part of life. If you change your way of thinking and love yourself despite being big, or whatever you do, that is good and no one can argue with that. Likewise, if you decided to change your lifestyle to become what you wanted to be, it will still be good for you. Decisions we make in life provides us with consequences we have to face in the future. Thinking of the consequences we have to face, will allow us to make better decisions for ourselves. So what is the top women’s fitness magazine for you? Only you can make it, based on your health, fitness level, and lifestyle with things that makes you fabulous.





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