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Your Wedding Song

Your Wedding Song

One of the most important days in a girl’s entire life is her wedding day. Everything must be wonderful and perfect on her special day. The venue and the dress are both tastefully planned and prepared for. The bridesmaids are all set. The invitations have already been sent. The catering service and arrangements have all been taken care of. What else would make this a day she would love to look back to after fifty years of happy marriage? Yes, her wedding song. Here are some really good ones to give consideration to.

  • The Way You Look Tonight by Tony Bennett

This really sweet and romantic song is about living for the moment when the man is incomparably happy being with the most beautiful woman girl in his eyes. Yes, Frank Sinatra’s version was a brilliant one. But Tony Bennett’s is more heartfelt and would fit weddings best for it is a time of true and deep feelings. This song was even used in the film My Best Friend’s Wedding and it moved me to tears. I suggest highly considering this song and at the same time seeing My Best Friend’s Wedding.

  • Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross

It is a heartfelt and deeply moving song about true, deep and eager love. With its tender and sweet music, lovely and romantic words, and superb vocals from Lionel Richie and Diana Ross, this is a brilliant song to remember the greatest day of your life with.

  • Born For You by David Pomeranz

A song telling your loved one that you and him or her was made to love each other. It is an endearing piece about destiny, fate and a love that was meant to be. If I were the bride, I would love to walk the aisle with this song, or dance slowly and sweetly with the man I truly love.

  • Have I Told You Lately? by Rod Stewart

It is about a deep and unconditional love which would suit weddings best. It is a song about being with someone who helps you through your troubles and showers you with a love so selfless and unreserved. It is sweet, true and really filled with the kind of love we all would like to have.

  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight? by Elton John

It talks about love that pushes all the sadness and troubles away, and a love so powerful that changes people. You just have to open up yourself to the feelings and let it carry you in its arms. You do not have to force it happen, for it just happens. Destiny brings lovers together and keeps them forever. Be guided by your feelings and you will be led to a love of a lifetime. Being a deep and true love expressed in music, this song is nothing less than an amazing wedding song.

  • I Do (Cherish You) by 98 Degrees

It is a really sweet and romantic song talking about a love that will always be there for you until the end of days. Besides, it features the usual wedding line “I do” one says as an acceptance of a love that is forever.

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