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Yummy, Healthy Yogurt

Yummy, Healthy Yogurt

If you haven’t tried this, you should start it now or might as well include yogurt in your daily diet. Yogurt is so delicious and so nutritious that you couldn’t ask for more.  For some who may find it off and think that it is just like eating a spoiled milk, it’s time for all of us to be enlighten on what yogurt is really made of and what it can actually do for our health.

Yogurt is a one of the product of fermentation of milk. It is done by converting lactose (sugar present in milk) into lactic acid, the one responsible for the sour taste of yogurt. The conversion is done with the help of lactic acid bacteria which is considered one of the good bacteria needed by our body. It is fermented only in a stage where the milk have converted enough lactic acid just enough to satisfy the standard for yogurt. Through pasteurization and controlled condition is the fermentation stopped with the good microorganisms present only at certain amount. It is not actually spoiled because the acidity and amount of microorganisms which are also considered good bacteria are acceptable for human consumption.

In terms of health, yogurt is a by-product from milk making it also nutritious. It can prevent osteoporosis du tot the presence of calcium and vitamin D which is the team for bone mass. The vitamin D content is very high which is good according to doctors as it aids calcium absorption of your bones. The good bacteria in yogurt are called Probiotics which actually means “for life” and thus is good to the body particularly to the digestive tract and your gut. It can help people being lactose intolerant, treats diarrhea, colon cancer and other bowel disorder due to the active culture (bacteria) it contains. According to studies, there is a 50% reduction in risk of high blood pressure among people who takes 2-3 servings of low-fat yogurt or dairy a day. It is also suggested by doctors to reduce vaginal infection among women. It is so healthy and nutritious that can satisfy your hunger even at low amounts which is good for those who want to lose some weights.

As of today, yogurt can be seen I every supermarkets. You may find it expensive or maybe in doubt of the quality of yogurt but you can actually make your very own home-made diet. You just need a fresh milk or low-fat milk for low-fat yogurt and a plain yogurt. For a half gallon of milk, you’ll need 2-3 tbsp of plain yogurt as your starter. Mix it together and allow it to ferment for around seven hours at controlled temperature (so you need a thermometer) and afterwards, pasteurize it and let it cool. You can add different fruits or flaxseeds to increase to nutritional value you can get from yogurt. Now, you have plenty of yogurt for you and the whole family so that everyone can start benefiting from yogurt. You can really try it now and make your own healthy and yummy yogurt.

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