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Germ Hotspots

Germ Hotspots

Germs cause various diseases and must be avoided. Here are the places where germs could be thriving without us knowing.

Germs could be very much abundant in telephones, remote controls, computer keyboards and copying machines. Bacteria and cold and flu viruses could survive for several days on inanimate surfaces. You may be exposed to germs long after someone shows symptoms of sickness. You may even have touched your eye s and nose, and yes, you are infected.

Germs also could be found in paper moneys. Germs like money like you and me. Some strains of flu virus could even survive on a paper bill for up to three days according to a research. However, if germs get mixed with mucus, they would survive for seventeen long days. It could be a good idea to utilize a credit card to minimize handling money that has been passed on to maybe the entire population of your country.

Of course, germs are in the doctor’s waiting rooms. This one is pretty obvious. This is where sick people wait before having their check up with their doctor, thus spreading the virus on the waiting area. So, before picking up that magazine or filling out a form using the office’s pen, think twice. Maybe you would want to consider bringing your own reading material and bringing your own pen on your next visit.

Bathroom sink handles, doorknobs, and light switches are also germ hotspots. These are likely to harbour traces of cold virus. Moreover, they are touched frequently by many different hands which could be exposed to germs.

Microwaves, countertops, and salt and pepper shakers could also be abundant with germs. We all know that chopping boards, sponges, and faucet handles are places likely to be filled with germs and must be disinfected from time to time. However, microwaves, countertops, and salt and pepper shakers are also touched frequently and are usually exposed to raw food so have them disinfected as well.

The gym is full of germs. Yes, it is great for building up your dream body, but it is also rich in germs. Sweat, abrasions and direct or indirect contact with other bodily fluids are in gym equipments whether you like it or not or on the skin of the person you bumped into when you were just entering the gym. These could cause lots of conditions like herpes and ringworms.

Restaurant menus are also likely to be abundant with germs. It something like paper money is rich in germs because it is touched by many different people everyday, then so must be a restaurant menu.

At the end of the day, germs are almost everywhere so it is best to be well aware of what you touch and be knowledgeable in getting rid of germs. When washing the hands, wash vigorously with soap and water for a minimum of twenty seconds. If you use a towel to dry your hands off, use it, too, to turn off the faucet. Also have a sanitizer with you always.


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