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Hello Kitty Syndrome

Hello Kitty Syndrome

Some of us just can’t get enough of our childhood best toon friend that we can’t stop collecting stuff connected to them. Of the entire girlie cartoon thing that we know, one emerged with the greatest number of fans, items, and influence to non-fanatic girls. It is Hello Kitty the whimsical cat fancied by all young girls and young-at-heart women. Hello Kitty was a Japanese cartoon character created by Sanrio Company, first designed by Yuko Shimizu. Hello Kitty was a female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red or pink bow on her left ear. It appeared first in the year 1974, and was a staple kawaii( cute) character of the Japanese popular culture. Before, Hello Kitty’s market originally aimed mid-teen or pre-adolescent audiences but after it had proved its popularity, several Hello Kitty series aimed on younger audiences was published and therefore following the release of Hello Kitty inspired variety of products and paraphernalia. Up to this day Hello Kitty was still regarded to be the one of the most influential fictional characters of all generations as it maintained the interest of the public audiences.

Many people cannot understand why Hello Kitty is so influential among us. Maybe it was because of Hello Kitty cute conservativity of which attracted girls, young women and adults. Or maybe it was because of the natural charm of hello kitty among female viewers.  Her Miss Perfect appearance really gathered the attention of young audiences; even though I’m not a fan I too was influenced by this cute cartoon character. But some fans just can’t get enough of all the Hello Kitty stuff that they tend to be addicted of it and they want Hello Kitty items badly that they will die for it. This phenomenon is known by many as Hello Kitty syndrome.

Hello Kitty syndrome was an addiction to that cute whimsical cat which in turn makes a girl or a woman craving for Hello Kitty thingies. To satisfy their hunger for the cute cat they will aim to collect Hello Kitty inspired items, dress like Hello Kitty, or speak like Hello Kitty. A girl experiencing this unusual girlie kind of addiction likes Hello Kitty so much that she put her life unto it, and she is happy about it. A natural way for a die-hard Hello Kitty fan. Some of the most popular Hello Kitty fanatic who was confirmed to have this kind of addiction aimed to go to Hello Kitty inspired places to discover more of the Hello Kitty Pop Culture.

Like Barbie, and other popular cartoon characters, Hello Kitty is also one of the most influential man-made beings who had bring out the good girl in every fan through every series of episodes that was released in the market. Too much of everything is bad. Hello Kitty syndrome, like any other addiction, maybe controlled or be regulated through proper supervision of parents and teachers. But if this addiction served its purpose in leading your daughter into the right path, it may be tolerated.

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