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The Right Pet for You

The Right Pet for You

Do you want to have a pet and just don’t know what to have? Nowadays, there are now a wide variety of animals that can be taken home as pets. It is not just choosing from a dog, a cat, a bird or a fish. There are many animals including some which are exotic are now seen as pets. In choosing a pet, you should be able to know some of the characteristics of these different animals and find out if it suits your own personality. Otherwise, you might end up having a pest in your house rather than the pet you expected to have.

Let’s begin with the common ones; the dog known as the “man’s best friend” can also be a woman’s best friend. It has been allotted that dogs are for men and cats are for women. However, there is actually no rule that particularly say that. If women would want a dog, they could. Dogs are intelligent, loyal, happy and obedient pets. They actually treat their owners plus the members of the family “masters”. They are however a bit dependent and would require a lot of your time and attention to make them healthy and happy.

Cats on the other hand, are more independent than dogs. They could thrive better when left alone in a long period of days. Cats can clean themselves by licking at their fur. They are known as desirable pets since the days of the Egyptians. Cats are very much affectionate especially when they are asking you a favor such as if they food or water.

Guinea pigs are gentle and affectionate. They can live in a small quarters, economical to feed and does not produce strong odor. However, guinea pigs could only last for 5-8 years. Though they do not usually bite, it is not suggested for children as pets.

Ferrets are as intelligent as a cat. They are curious and affectionate. They are noiseless and do well on a commercially made diet for ferrets or kitten chow. They can live for 8-10 years. They care very sleepy pets but will not harm you if disturbed or cuddled.

Though rabbits can be cute and adorable while they are babies, they can become aggressive and demanding when became adults. It is difficult to nurture such as bunnies are very sensitive. However, there are also rabbits that are easily dealt with just make sure you have the right information for petting adult rabbits.

Rats, mice, gerbils and hamsters can make good pets if acquired from the time they open their eyes. Rats could live for 4-6 years while mice can last for 2-3 years. They can linger s strong odor if not cleaned frequently and properly. The most odiferous among the four would be the hamsters and he least would be the gerbils.

Turtles, tortoise, lizards and snakes are only considered as observational pets. You can feed and care for them but you cannot expect them to return the affection. These animals are under observation since some of their species are near to extinction. Make sure that what you are going to have is not under that kind of exotic animals or report it and surrender it to the wild life bureau to let them take care and preserve the animal.

Fishes are also observational animals which is similar to plants. They are both beautiful to look at and provide an air of comfort in your house. They would require methodical and continuous care to thrive.

Monkeys, sugar gliders, hedge hogs and opossums are not good as pets for average people. It can be messy and they can become demanding with their needs not met in captivity. Though some animals can become tame, better avoid having these pets for when irritated can cause harm by becoming wild.

Farm animals are affectionate and domesticated easily in which the food source are readily available in the feed store. Some require more space for grazing such as horse, cows and sheep but the returns are plenty. However, there are some zoning codes that do not allow them in residential areas.

Hope this could help you find the pet you are to take. Just keep in mind that it is a very big responsibility to take care of a pet. It would require a good decision making skill to be able to fully do your responsibility as a pet owner. In terms of care, women are I think better than men which makes as an advantage of being a good pet owner. You can also check some pet institutions in which you can adapt a pet for those homeless animals and care for them.

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