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Calcium Supplements Caution

Calcium Supplements Caution

While you may have worshiped the one who started the concept of supplements to supply the nutrients that your body needs, better think again. It was according to the Journal of American Medical Association that too much calcium supplements is not good and may lead to increasing your risk of heart disease. 90% of calcium in our body is stored in our bones and teeth for structure and support. Women have higher calcium requirement than men such that they are more prone to having osteoporosis. At this case, women are the ones commonly advised to take supplements to supply their calcium need especially at age 40 in which bone density decreases rapidly. This is not actually to contradict the use of calcium supplements but to aware everyone that taking calcium supplements should be done in moderation, because only when taken in excess will it become harmful to our health.

So how much is too much? For men, an amount of 1000 mg per day of calcium is the maximum allowable calcium intake while 1400 mg per day for women. Unnecessary supplementation should be avoided at all cost. In a study in which men who had taken more than 1000 mg of calcium a day have a nearly 20% higher chance of dying from heart related diseases. According to the study, there could be a possibility that the excess calcium is deposited to the arteries which increases the risk of heart problems among people. It would really pay off to check the labels of the supplements you buy because each would have different percentage of nutrients you need. You may be surprised that you are taking up too much of what is actually recommended to you.

Despite of the importance of calcium in our body, the saying “too much of everything is bad” still applies. Calcium when in excess is not similar to ascorbic acid that can just be disposed through urine. Excess Calcium in the body stay in there in which later on affect the cardiovascular system. What are highly suggested is to acquire calcium from natural source such as;

  • Plain curd- 452 mg calcium per cup
  • Cheedar cheese- 307 mg per 20 mL
  • Soy Milk- 386 mg per cup
  • Milk- 308 mg per glass
  • Tofu- 253 mg per cup
  • Sesame seeds- 88 mg per tablespoon
  • Almonds- 750 mg per serving.

You should also make sure that your body is able to absorb the calcium you intake by maintaining the amount of vitamin D needed by your body to facilitate calcium absorption. Lastly, never be too dependent on supplement to supply the nutrients your body needs. They should all work together in balance; proper and healthy diet, exercise, and rest to keep you healthy and strong. Calcium supplements should only be taken if necessary, that is if suggested by your health care provider after analyzing your test in bone density. You wouldn’t want to see yourself suffering from heart attack because of too much supplements you never thought could be bad for you. Just make sure you take what is just enough for you and you will be as good as can be.

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