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The Earth Box

The Earth Box

As much as possible, every house all over the world should at least have one tree to be able to reduce air pollution which is now becoming a big problem all over the world. Due to technological advancement and urbanization, it becoming more and more difficult to keep the air we breathe clean. Factories continues to contribute in polluting the air while increase in population resulting to more buildings and houses or condominiums makes it more difficult to at least have a plant to clean the air. We as women should be concerned with this because it will not only affect us today but also the future of our children. We should not wait for the time when people have to spend money just to buy sufficient oxygen supply in order to survive.

The solution: start planting. You may find it difficult but this is the only way we can purify the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and convert it into oxygen. But if you’re living in a crowded area or a condo unit, how will you plant? Gardening is now made easy with the help of this earth box. It is so convenient that it can be done by men or women in all places you may think of planting.

The earth box is a small container used to eliminate over watching and poor soil. You can just place it in a balcony or at the community courtyard, in place near your window and will enable you to start planting anything you want from vegetables, fruits, ornamentals or any type you may think of planting. If you check it out, it is made of the following parts; the optional staking system- a perfect solution for tomatoes and other tall plants, mulch cover- prevent growth of weeds and pests and protects the soil from rain or drought, overflow hole- prevents over water in your garden, water reservoir- water plants when needed automatically, aeration screen- provide proper oxygen to the roots and prevents root rot, growing media- a high quality, peat based growing media where you actually plant the seeds, and a fertilizer strip which gives the plant’s exactly what they need. All you have to do is read the instruction guide and you are ready for your gardening. You can also have the ready to grow kit  or the earth box ready to grow organic kit in which the fertilizer and peat based mixture are purely organic.

What to plant? I suggest you can check for some heirloom seeds. These are seeds that are handed down from generation to generation to preserve a special kind of plant. You can simply go to a book store nearby and buy the heirloom magazine for reference. Through earth box, planting has been made easy and conventional for all areas especially in an urban community. While planting allows you to care for your environment, you are rest assured that the fruits of your plant (that is if you decided fruits or vegetables) are all natural and fresh unlike the ones sold in the market. In addition to that, plants provide a relaxing effect in every house or building that provides you a calming effect and fresh air to breathe. Now that spring is on, this is the best time to get on with your gardening!     

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