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Let’s Talk About Soda

Let’s Talk About Soda

We are all well-aware that sodas, in general or at all, have no health benefits to offer. Yes, they are just all sugar and spunk. However, enjoying the great taste of soda does not necessarily mean we are unhealthy or that we are ruining our bodies. Its adverse effects are actually more dependent on how much we drink soda. Drinking moderately could have no significant impact on our health, but let me just warn you does it does our pearly white teeth no good. But I would not give up drinking soda. Let us talk about soda, okay?

If you drink like five cans of soda each day, I assure you that your body would have plenty of calories. A typical can could have as much as 120 calories. If you invest too much on calories especially if they are from an unhealthy source like refined sugar, you are leaving no room for the nutrients your body truly needs. Do not stock upon calories, girl. How about your protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals? It is not bad to drink soda but limit it to just a can everyday provided that you also limit your other unhealthy snacks like junkies. Moderation, not deprivation, is the key.

Aside from calories, sodas are also very abundant with sugar. A typical can has like 39 grams of refined sugar. That is surprisingly a lot, eh? And you are not oblivious to the fact that too much of that sweet white sugar would do you no good. In fact, it would increase your risk of obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol levels. Yikes! However, it is not that bad to drink just a can a day. Then again, you have to cut on your other snacks filled with refined sugar. If you cannot, then skip the soda.

Not only is your soda kind of nasty on the body, but it is also mean on your teeth. Aside from the overflowing sugar it contains, it is also rich in some minerals that would ruin your tooth’s enamel. Whenever you drink at most a can, there are ways to minimize its harmful impact on your teeth. First, do not take too long to drink your soda. Finish it up quick enough. The longer it takes you to drink, the longer the soda would be stuck in your teeth. Also, drink water in between your soda sips. It washes of the soda. Using a straw is also recommended so that it would have lesser contact with your teeth. And beware of brushing your teeth right after drinking soda. Wait at least thirty minutes before brushing. The soda weakens the enamel and brushing right after drinking could just remove more enamel.

To cut on the sugar and calories, people tend to opt for diet sodas. But are they really any better? Well, its artificial sugar does not add up on the calories. However, too much of diet soda could still pose harm on your health. Some believe that its tendency to cause Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome is greater. It is still best to limit your soda intake, be it regular or diet.

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