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On Medicare Payments

On Medicare Payments

So far, Medicare is considered the cheapest health insurance that can be claimed as you reach the age of 65 (senior age) or less if you have disabilities or kidney transplant. As the government tends to work on improving health care benefits for all its citizens, one of the suggested improvements was to change the way in which people pay their Medicare fees. On what way do Medicare fees are paid?

Medicare fees are paid separately according to the part in which you want to avail. You should know by now that Medicare comes in four parts; A, B, C and D and you normally have to pay separate deductibles and copayment fees for Part A and B. It was according to Tom Miller, a resident fellow of the American Enterprise Institute thinks and suggests that it would make more sense to have one deductible around $500 for both parts. However, it would result to patients paying more since Medicare Patients are not hospitalized frequently in a year but are frequently seeking health care treatments and preventive measures.  However, it is still a big question if this change will be executed since the Medicare seems to have a “hard to change” legacy for their payments.

The additional fees would have been acceptable according to Miller if the System will tend to give off something new in which the patients does not  normally have. The “stop-loss” protection is one of the suggestion in which when a person reached a certain threshold, the Medicare will in itself pay all the medical necessities needed by the patient. That is like the perfect time in which you might really need the insurance most. There has been an attempt to revise the Medicare Program with the so called “catastrophic coverage of 1988 but was unfortunately repelled as older people appealed to the high amount of fee.

Any change in the Medicare requires an act of the congress that requires an agreement which doesn’t really go that way. What normally happens is that proposals are made and would actually end up being rejected since the people just don’t have money for any improvement. People who only have Medicare for health insurance do not have that money to spend more. This is what makes the progression of the system difficult. The government has been working on additional preventive health services and medications to ensure the health of those who are insured. Nevertheless, there are still those people who are not yet under Medicare Insurance program.

Change is inevitable and sometimes difficult to accomplish. As the government aim to promote health of all its citizen, they to consider their financial stability, work and environment to be able to fully assess the people capability to avail these health insurance. They should provide a big overhaul of the whole system because as different improvements were made for its beneficiaries, the system itself has a very complicated procedure that even the beneficiaries themselves would find difficult to understand. As for you, who is a Medicare Insured, keep yourself updated with the news and possible change to what the Medicare can offer you. React if you must; to agree or to disagree to a proposal because it is you who will be greatly affected on any change that will happen.  It’s better to know something than know nothing at all.

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