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Stop Emotional Eating

Stop Emotional Eating

Had a bad day? Got reprimanded at work? Did not make it to your deadline? Had a fight with your parents? Found out your friend stabs you in the back? Broke up with your boyfriend? Yes, I know the feeling. Yes, it sucks. What would you do next? Eat your heart out? Pig out? Consume all your stocks in your refrigerator? Have a whole gallon of strawberry ice cream all to yourself?

Every time we get frustrated, disappointed, left alone, alone, broken, and abandoned, one of the possible refuge we might seek is the comfort of eating. And there is no problem with that. It helps us cope with the situation we are in. It helps us feel better. The problem arises when we eat too much. Here are ways on how to restrain ourselves from resorting to habit that may have effects which are worse than we expected.

Emotional eating, when done repeatedly, could be our habit. It may lead to many troubles like weight problems. And we all know that it is not really easy to deal with that. But, be not afraid. Just like any habit like excessive drinking and smoking, emotional eating could be broken off. It may not as easy as it sounds but it is possible. All it takes is the knowledge we would provide you and the will to do it. Let’s go!

First, begin with a healthy home environment. Of course, if you do not have any junk food in your kitchen shelves or some you hide in your closet, there would be no way for you to feast on them whenever you feel like doing so. In exchange for those junkies, stock up on fruits, vegetables, and other healthy meals to binge on. Having too much of them would not cause you too much trouble, right? Also, do not buy your groceries, head to convenient store, or buy any food anywhere ever if you are still not emotionally stable. Keep your emotions in watch.

It is also helpful if you know what makes you eat like a pig. Identify what is causing your pain. Make a food journal to keep track of what and how much you are eating. Identify what and how much you eat on the days when you feel emotionally vulnerable. It would help you see the links between your mood and your food intake. If you realize that you pig out because of your emotions, go and seek help. Talk to a therapist or to someone you trust.

To keep away from emotional eating, find a healthy and satisfying alternative. Find out what makes you happy and focus on them. Broke up with your boyfriend? Maybe hitting a punching bag may make you feel better. Or perhaps a walk in the park would help. You could also try to be creative. Make a blog or paint something. However, do not deny yourself of the pleasure of eating because this may just make you binge on eating later on. Have them in small portions.

Of course, you should celebrate your triumph. Notice on the achievements you are making and congratulate yourself for attaining them. Even patting yourself on the back could help.

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