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Women’s Health Concern: Stress Making You Fat

Women’s Health Concern: Stress Making You Fat

You may not know it yet, but the truth is it does. Stress is one of the seen reasons why people get themselves fat and you may notice it to yourself that every time you are getting stressed out, you end up eating more than what you would normally eat. Worse case for some is they could no longer notice the difference because they are always stressed out that their eating habits become consistent. In addition to that, being or getting fat in its sense could be very stressful. There are those people whom I can say are lucky enough without having to worry about getting fat because genetically, they are born in that way that they never get too fat. Aren’t they too lucky? But the real question for us is how does it really happen?

Stress. Just brings out all so many effects in our systems. When your stress level increases, cortisol (the stress inducing hormone) also increases as the brain sends the signals to produce this hormone. As cortisol level increases our body tends to have lower leptin sensitivity. Leptin is also known as the lookout hormone. It serves as the gate keeper of fat metabolism and monitors how much energy our body takes in. When Leptin sensitivity decreases, hunger increases disregarding how much food were already taken. Too much food intake as compared to the energy consumed leads to increase in fat storage and thus, ending with increasing weight. The sequence of effect of stress takes place either the threat or the reason to be stressed is real or merely psychological. The worst part is that most of us are at the state of constant stress and live with elevated cortisol levels.

That is how it really goes. Basically, you don’t really get fat if you just don’t eat too much of what your body can consume. However, stress brings about that complication within our body systems disrupting everything as well as our eating habits making you eat more uncontrollably. The best thing to do is to manage stress. It would be difficult to remove stress totally which could have been the best thing that will happen to you however, since it would be quite impossible, all you can do is to manage stress. Managing stress is that not allowing stress to affect your lifestyle and your health. Eat WELL regularly. “Well” doesn’t mean to over indulge yourself with food; it is about eating the RIGHT FOOD AT THE RIGHT AMOUNT. When you eat (what time of the day) also matters. Normally, cortisol level is high during the day and decreases through the evening to prepare you for sleeping. At this case, it would better to eat more during the morning than at night. If you can’t prevent yourself to eat, just keep those healthy foods close at hand. This will prevent you from taking up too much calories from unhealthy food. Keep those fruits and vegetables in your fridge to still be satisfied with your stress cravings but at the same time eating healthy foods.

Do not let stress defeat or control you. It will not only affect your belly but as well as other systems such as blood flow, mental health and others. Do not hesitate to sit back, relax and breathe deep if you feel like you’re at high stress level. This may help you sort things out better by allowing you to think clearer and do the best of what you are supposed to do. Take a break. It’ll make you more productive that continuously doing your work with high stress level.

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