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Most people in the world consume too much salt. Actually, many consume even twice or thrice the suggested sodium intake. Too much sodium in the body could trigger health conditions like high blood pressure and stroke. When we consume too much salt, it stays in the blood stream, attracts water, and creates greater volume of blood. This puts pressure especially on the heart as it has to work harder to pump blood all throughout our body. We are made aware of the dangers of eating too much salt. But what could we do?

Opt for fresh foods than the processed and preserved ones. Those processed and preserved goods like canned meat often use sodium as their preservative. What’s worse is that they do not simply use small amounts. They pour in sodium generously. And that’s not good news.

To lower you salt intake, another smart movie would be to keep away from your condiments. A single tablespoon of soy sauce could be holding as much as a thousand milligrams of sodium. As much as possible, do not use any. Another option would be to choose a healthier and sodium-less alternative like balsamic vinegar.

Eating less bread would also help us to cut our sodium intake. Bread is a processed food. Yes, when we say processed food, bread is not among the first things that come to mind. But the truth is that it is a processed food. Even a single slice could be containing up to more than two hundred milligrams of sodium. So, yes, skip the bread.

It also helps greatly to say no to deli meat. Meat actually naturally contains sodium. However, the process involved in making deli meats could actually add more. The amount is not something too little to disregard. The amount is quite a significant figure. A single serving of deli turkey could even hold more than one thousand milligrams of sodium. Instead of having deli meat, why not go for a fresh a roasted alternative or, better yet, choose a veggie substitute?

It also helps if the soup you eat is prepared and cooked at home. Having a soup of vegetables and lean meat is an oh-so healthy choice. However, canned soup could be oh-so rich in salt. The key is to prepare your simple and healthy soup at home so that you could control how much salt would be put it. This may seem an insignificant move but this matters a lot.

Of course, to cook simpler dishes would mean lesser utilization of salt. So, the next time you cook your chicken, keep it simple. Plain and lean cuts of chicken and turkey are great. But if you start marinating, adding bread crumbs and tons of seasonings, your healthy pick becomes a sodium-rich meal.

And we all love pizza, but we should start letting go of eating too much. Yes, it is delicious and irresistible, but it isn’t very good for our health. Even a slice contains up to more than seven hundred milligrams of sodium. Yes, we love pizza. But sometimes, love means letting go.

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