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Energy Drinks: The Dark Side Rises

Energy Drinks: The Dark Side Rises

Many people, even athletes, run to energy drinks for the energy they need to finish the game, accomplish their workouts, get through a tough day, and to have enough strength and energy to score the winning shot. However, energy drinks are not all benefits and sweet offerings. They also have a dark side lurking deep inside their core. Are you ready to meet the dark side of energy drinks?

If you think energy drinks are a good energizer for you to be able to study hundreds of pages for your upcoming exam or presentation tomorrow, think again. They may give you too much energy boost, maybe even eight times more effective than that of caffeine from coffee, but just like caffeine, they also would let you end up in a major crash in the end. They would deprive you of the sleep you need for tomorrow’s big event. When you feel like sleeping when you should not be sleeping yet, get up and do some stretching instead. Or maybe it really is time for you to go to bed. Remember that you need at least eight hours of good sleep to reenergize well.

So, it has been well-established that you must ditch energy drinks at night. But what about drinking energy drink for breakfast? The answer is still no. Though it may not hurt your bedtime, drinking energy drink may do damages to the heart. Too much caffeine intake makes the heart race. And that could cause you as serious as death from heart attack.

Not only are energy drinks bad for the health. They are also bad for the mood. It boosts the anxiety. Having a faster heartbeat means faster mind functioning, too. That is not meant in a good sense though. You may start talking faster than usual and get annoyed easily. Caffeine is a stimulant and it pushes your body to perform faster. This is not always a good thing. It deprives you of the chance to stop, take a break, and think things through.

Binging on energy drinks would also make you sweat a lot. Along with stress comes sweat, even in an air-conditioned room. The only way to get rid of the excessive sweating is to get rid of the energy drinks. It may not be that easy at first so let them slip away gradually. Slip them away gradually as in cut your energy drink intake one step at a time.

Being an avid fan of energy drink also suppresses your weight loss progress. Moreover, it makes you gain more weight. The truth is energy drinks contain nothing healthy. Most of them are abundant in sugar which would make you gain weight. Instead of going for energy drinks, have water instead. Being well-hydrated also makes you more energized. Plus, water is certainly calorie-free.

Energy drinks also have the tendency to upset your stomach. Its caffeine content urges the stomach to produce more acid. Moreover, its additional ingredients like ginseng may be too much for the stomach to handle.

And yes, energy drinks bring you headaches.

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