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Mood Food

At rough and difficult times, what does it take to pacify and calm you? Perhaps listening to some peaceful music would do. Or maybe if you start throwing things, the calmness would start to set it. I think shouting your emotions out would relieve you of stress, of anxiety, of anger. But even taking a refreshing walk outside could do you wonders. Maybe talking to your pet would help ease your mind and your spirit. But I am pretty sure that with the right food to eat, your bad mood would certainly turn to oh-so good.

To sustain your already good mood, grab some whole grains, honey. Eating breads and cereals with whole grains is a sure-fire way to maintain that bright smile on your face. The reason is simple: the introduction and sustenance of glucose into your bloodstream is smooth and gradual, and not all at once. The same goes for eating the real fruit instead of taking juices which are already treated with refined sugar. So for a good mood that is sure to last for a pretty long time, be sure to have your regular intake of whole grains.

To avoid having a mood crash, never ever skip your breakfast, darling. Remember that your breakfast is your first food intake after being deprived of food for such a long time. (Of course, how could you eat when you are deep asleep?) it gives the glucose supply to jumpstart your day and give you the energy you would need. If you skip it, you would be as weak as a baby during the morning or even for the entire day. You do not have to eat a grand or fancy breakfast to be energized. Just have your proper supply of carbohydrates and protein, and you are good to go.

To avoid eating too much, eat really nutritious snacks in between meals. Since every meal’s time difference would be an average of four long hours, you would need a little something to push you a little more. It is actually highly suggested to have healthy snacks in between meals to avoid binge eating during major meals. When we get too hungry, the tendency is for us to eat more when meal time comes. Do not readily head to vending machine though. Always have with you healthy on-the-go foods like a pack of nuts, or fruits like apples and bananas, or yogurt.

If your mood is not so good, drink water. When we feel hungry, we get cranky. And when we feel hungry, we could just be really thirsty. It is because dehydration could give feelings of emptiness, ill-temper, and crankiness. If it has only been a while after you ate, reach for a glass of water instead of eating again.

And if you are really depressed, one nice way to cope is through the power of food and colors. You should have enough vitamin B and vitamin D to fight off depression. And to have your much needed vitamins, remember the colors. Think red, blue and purple for berries. Think orange for carrots, squash, and peaches. Think green for broccoli and lettuce. Additional food choices are salmons that are rich in omega-3 and milk for vitamin D.

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