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Spice It Up

Spice It Up

Why do we use spices? Of course, we use them to bring flavor to our food. But did you know that there are spices that are not only there to make your food a hundred times yummier? Yes, spices could do so much as to provide you with the nutrition your body really needs. Sometimes, the best spices for our health do not taste that good though. However, just a pinch of them would be really, really good for the body.

You must start considering using curry powder if you are not using it before. If you have no idea on how to use it, you could rub it on your halibut, tilapia or pork loin before roasting them. You could also try to use it in soups. Search the net or leaf through your cookbook or maybe ask your mom for delicious recipes. We highly recommend curry powder because it contains curcumin which is actually really powerful to combat inflammation. It could even be up to fifty times better than vitamin C or vitamin E. It is also found to hinder the growth of breast cancer cells. Moreover, it helps prevent colon cancer and helps protect the stomach.

If you think rosemary is just a beautiful girl’s name, you though wrong. It actually is also a good spice. Marinating the meat in a mixture containing rosemary before roasting it or subjecting it to the heat of coals could inhibit the formation of heterocyclic amines by as much as eight four percent! Heterocyclic amines are harmful free radicals that could potentially cause cancer. Rosemary is not only used with marinades. You could also rub it directly together with other spices like oregano and thyme.

Speaking of oregano, it is also among our power list. Even just a teaspoon of dried oregano leaves contains not only vitamin K that is good for the bones but also powerful antioxidants. It is also found to help prevent stomach flu. How? Since bacteria find refuge in the food we eat, adding oregano inhibits the multiplication of such bacteria. We could use oregano as an addition to the salad dressing or as an upgrade to our soup.

Cinnamon is also among the list of healthy spices. Its antioxidants help prevent the changing blood sugar level and the surges of hunger and cravings. They do so by improving our cells’ glucose metabolism process.  It could also reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. We could sprinkle a dash of cinnamon on baked sweet potatoes or cook it up with lentils.

Up next is ginger. It is popularly known to manage an upset stomach. But if you have not known, it also deals with the sores brought about by workout. Its gingerol content reduces inflammation and blocks nerve pathways processing pain. And middle-aged women were found to have greater attention span and had better memory after taking ginger supplements daily in a span of two months.

Other power spices that you should give a try are nutmeg, cayenne pepper, and cumin.

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