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Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning

Food is a basic need of every individual. It is where we acquire the nutrients and energy we need to sustain life and work efficiently every day. It is taken inside the body and greatly affects the different systems within our body. Food being a basic need, we should be very careful in eating different foods sol in the market. Though they may actually be considered as food, when prepared improperly, the food which we thought would give us strength can be the cause of illness or even death. Food Poisoning is an important matter that everyone should be aware of as it has caused grave damages to people all over the world.

Food Poisoning is also called as Food-borne illness or disease. It involves any illness that is acquired from consuming contaminated food. Pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and parasites are the possible contaminants of food. Chemicals and natural toxins can also lead to food-borne illnesses. It can affect a huge number of people in an instant if not prevented or avoided.

The cause of food poisoning is contamination which is brought about by improper food handling, preparation and storage. Any wrong practices on these steps can already increase the consumer’s risk toward food poisoning. Pesticides and medicines or different harmful chemicals in the area that surrounds the food can also increase the risk. Food safety is the key in preventing food poisoning. It is a process of assuring the manufacturers or even harvesters follow a certain hygienic procedure to ensure the safety in food. People, who also handle, prepare, and store food at home should also follow food safety procedures. Otherwise, you might and your family would end up consuming food that can harm you rather than nurture you.

Bacteria are the most common cause of food poisoning. Bacteria can cause spoilage of food as it thrives and consumes the nutrients in the food you are supposed to take and at the same time, releasing toxins that can harm you. Enterotoxins are toxins such as those released by Staphylococcus aureus which can still cause contamination even when the source is already eliminated. Mycotoxins can cause death such as aflatoxins which is very susceptible in peanuts. This is why peanut made products are on strict monitoring to food safety to prevent food poisoning. Viruses comprise 1/3 of the overall cases of food-borne illnesses. Viruses reproduce rapidly and illness caused is contagious. Incubation of people affected usually undergoes incubation to prevent further damage among other people. Parasites are organisms that live within your body and acquire nutrients that are supposed to be supplied for your body requirements. They can grow large enough until they can be seen by the naked eye. Can cause you nutrient loss as they are termed “parasite’’ in which they live at your own expense.

Sickness is simply a manifestation that something is wrong with your body. Different symptoms will be manifested depending on the cause of food-borne illness or food poisoning. Food is a basic need that we cannot avoid just to prevent food poisoning. What to do is to make sure that the food you eat are safe and clean for consumption. Buy food from reliable manufacturers or harvesters. Always consider hygiene to prevent contamination to one of our basic needs; FOOD.



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