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Stress Snacks

Stress Snacks

People of today are no stranger to stress. We experience lots and lots of stress as we fulfil our duties and responsibilities and deal with troubles at home, at work or at school, and in our relationships. And there are plenty of ways to cope with our many stresses. And one good and effective trick to deal with stress is to know what snacks would give as the much needed mood lift.

For a really healthy choice that would not only keep the doctor away but also keep stress at bay, be sure to grab a fresh piece of banana. Because of its potassium and vitamin B6 contents, banana is easily an effective stress-fighting super food. And if you have not noticed, our bodies readily crave for sweets whenever we feel stressed. That makes the sweetness of the banana another edge over fighting and beating stress.

Baked tortilla chips dipped in salsa is also a power snack against stress. When we feel stressed, one of the many things we greatly need is to be soothed and relaxed. And that is what carbohydrates exactly have in store for the stress victims. Baked tortilla chips are very much abundant in carbohydrates. And to avoid getting sick due to too much stress, we need a dose of vitamin C to help strengthen the immune system. Where else would you find that but in your vitamin C-packed salsa dip? Happy snacking!

When you feel like all the weight of the world is upon your shoulder, go grab a cereal bar. Its whole grains are oh-so rich in carbohydrates that would effectively battle stress and it also comes in fruity flavors that would take care of your sweet cravings. Aside from dealing with stress, cereal bars also prove to be highly nutritious because they are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

When we are stressed, we do not just feel bad. We also lose important nutrients like magnesium, iron, and zinc. And to make up with the loss, have a black bean soup. Black bean soup proves to be an excellent source of lost nutrients. Moreover, snacking on a steamy bowl of soup gives you the chance to slow down and sit down, take a pause from your busy life, breathe, and relax.

For a stress-busting power drink, have a cup of decaffeinated non-fat latte. A cup is filled with important nutrients that would give the body the energy it needs and at the same time manage your stress. We highly recommend a decaffeinated cup because caffeine makes a person feel anxious. Moreover, caffeine hinders good sleep which is actually hard to achieve when you are stressed. And always choose the fat-free one because those fats have harmful effects to the body like suppressing the immune system.

To relieve tension, have a crunchy snack. To have the much wanted crunch without sacrificing one’s state of health, snack on baby carrots dipped in non-fat sour cream. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which the body becomes deprived of when under stress. The sour cream is a good  source of tension-relieving calcium.

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