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Be Aware!!! Germs Everywhere!!

Be Aware!!! Germs Everywhere!!

We all know that germs and bacteria spread everywhere, and even though you are very much aware and cautious of that fact still there are things that we tend to neglect as they are not obvious carriers of these organisms. In our house we try to keep things clean and always disinfected but still germs are transmitted to this objects or places through our siblings unaware of the germs and bacteria that they carry after they played outside, after the tiresome work and meetings outside your office and everything that we do outside of our common environment serves as a threat in what we call the safest place in the world, our house.

Do you think that all the place in your house is clean and germ-free, well think again, germs, viruses and bacteria spread and travel everywhere in your house and there are some places of which they are often kept as those places are considered the dirtiest places in our house. Below are the common place and things in our house that has a greater chance of exposure to germs and other related organisms.

Doorknobs, Handles and Switches. Commonly  these are the first places that germs, viruses and bacteria are transmitted. Doorknobs are exposed to the outside environment making it more likely to transmit germs through our hands. Some studies conclude that there are millions of germs found in doorknobs and it includes salmonella which can cause disease to an unaware individual.

The Kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is the moistest place in your whole house second to the toilet. And did you know that moist attracts germs and serves breeding grounds for them to reproduce, like molds e-coli and salmonella. which are commonly found in this particular place.

Remote controls, keyboard, and phones. Often we forgot to wash our hands after eating, then suddenly we want to watch the television, or someone messaged you in your phone and you must answer it immediately. These certain event makes these gadgets the critical carriers of viruses and bacteria. We must keep on our minds that we must first disinfect our hands before ingesting something as remotes are common carriers of infectious diseases.

The area around and under the stove. As we cook, oil and moisture is transmitted to the walls and the area around the stove attracting more dirt particles that carry various diseases. Also as we cook, other dirty particle is forming under the stove composed oil, dirt, decayed organisms and insects, this as well must be cleaned with proper caution as it is very critical to your health.

The Toothbrush. As we clean our mouth using our own toothbrush food fibers and other particles are stuck in the root of its bristles causing germs to stuck inside it and forming organisms which may be crucial for our health if neglected and not prevented.

The only way that we can save ourselves from this widespread distribution of germs in our house is to clean each of these places with the proper cleaning technique and tools. We must not forget that before we must never put our hands in our mouths as the hand was the most common pathway of this germs.


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