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Dealing With Family Affairs

Dealing With Family Affairs

Oftentimes our families experience several challenges which tests our trust and ties with our family. These challenges may give us a positive outcome or if we are not able to solve it properly and cleverly it may end up not good in our favor. Our family is one of the most important relationship that we have in our whole life, they are the one who first discovered our true personality and our identity,the one who we shared our own blood thus having a more personal relationship to them than our friends or colleagues or any other persons in our life. Challenges that we face with our family  is truly an obstacle, and when this obstacle is successfully done it will make our family stronger  and solidifies  our family spirit and ties thus making us a stronger community.

Once in our life we faced these kinds of challenges that tests non only our family ties but as well as our faith to God. With proper knowledge in solving these problems we may lessen the effects of these problems on us or to the better, it may result to a better situation that is greatly in favor of your family and you.

Think before you act. Every action done will greatly affect the emotion of your family. Thinking wisely, and step back before immediately reacting. Instead of being emotionally affected by the problems, you must thing in a logical standpoint to solve the problem faster and easier.

Limit yourself, and know your borders.  Sometimes there are certain information that cannot be brought out during a family meeting, personal secrets that are agreed by both parties, if these agreements are exposed in a meeting it will result to a more messier problem. Also, don’t say anything that will not help sole the issue in family. Also learn to tame your tounge when the older ones are speaking speaking as they demand respect when it comes to this matters.

Do not gossip. This is one of the most regarded reason why problems grow bigger. As gossip travels in every person in your village, it will change the real thing into some totally different stories, that when heard by the one involved in the problem, it may cause great misunderstanding between bothe parties. So better keep your mouth shut when it comes to problems in the family.

Don’t get affected by the heat and be yourself as always. Don’t lose temper when everyone is losing it. Try to stay calm and positive when there are so many doubts and anger in the family. Staying calm and mentally present will help you solve the problem fo your family practically. Don’t pretend as if your some different indivudiual when solving your family’s problems, always be your own character and use the whole family’s point of view when fixing things.

Throw your pride. Pride is simply damaging and destrucitve in a family. When in family meetings being humble and calm makes everyone at control of their emotions. Also, when they notice that someone admits the fault and vice versa, it makes all the members open with each other thus solving the the mess faster. Do not think what one thinks about you and always admit that everyone is a sinner.

If things get worse in your family, ask for an advice to one close friend or a religious leader like a priest or a nun as they may make advice that really helps especially when you cant rely on your own prejudice and they will not gossip your problems as well. If it is really hard for you try asking help to God and he will do the rest for you.


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