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Stresses of a Mother

Stresses of a Mother

Being a mother comes with a great burden of responsibilities that can either change your lifestyle or make you more mature in life. Your children bring a lot of gifts that benefit you and your partner. As always they bring happiness and joy, love, care and sense of belongingness. For a happy mother, living life without her children is being an incomplete persona of a mother, as taking care and helping them grow as good citizens are the best part of motherhood and it is the part which completes the entirety of being a mother. But even though it is joyful to nurture a child to maturity, it is still a stressful process that some moms can’t do simply because they have insufficient readiness of all the things that they must know before motherhood. During motherhood, there are several stressors that are experienced normally by moms, and these are the following.

Lack or Loss of Personal Time. Most moms forget about their personal happiness because they are too carried away by the hard role of being a mother. And that is very wrong for most moms. Being mom doesn’t mean that you must be always at the side of your children, giving all of you to them, but it is not appropriate as it may make you unhappy of being a mother. Don’t forget that you are still a different person without motherhood, you can still shop with friends, make yourself beautiful, and eat what you want even though you are a mom. Just remember that being mom must not erase the beauty in you, you must not let yourself be totally occupied by motherhood. If you want to care for your children, you must take care for yourself as well.

Time Pressure. Motherhood is considered to be the most stressful part of being a woman but also it is one of the happiest part as it was considered by many woman around the globe. Oftentimes, new moms have problems on how can they finish all the hard tasks that they have to do in just a small amount of time. With all the hassle caring for their kids, cleaning the house, doing house chores, working and many more, they have a lot of stressful moments managing their time wisely and efficiently making them grossed in thinking of what must they do to be able to finish all their tasks. Most mothers feel a shortness of time, and when they do, they forget many more important things than the other tasks like playing with their kids, eating properly, and also their personal hygiene. What moms must do is know how to put big rocks first, before the small ones. They must know how to prioritize what is important to do and what is not.

Relationship Problems. Often moms forget that they are not only mothers but also they are a partner to their husband. Because of the hassle in caring and nurturing their kids they often spend less attention to their husbands making their personal relationship colder. Moms must never forget that they have many roles in life and it is not only being a mother to their child but also a wife for her husband.

There are so many stressful problems that moms of every age experiences, not including financial and inferiority complex. Being mom must be treated as a blessing and not a duty. It must be treated as a work but a service. For being mom doesn’t require any thing in exchange. When times are hard and you can’t get by, just remember that the love you feel for you and your family is the greatest weapon against any difficulties in life.


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