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Time for Family and Work

Time for Family and Work

Time management is complicatedly hard for every working mom. While earning for the living of the family, working moms also do the caring, guiding, and nurturing part in their family making it hard for them to finish a task in a give time thus making them stressed and nervous about what will happen next after they have failed the unsuccessful task. Managing time with your kids and your work is a pretty hard job, especially for first time moms. Problems like this can be solved by simply planning and prioritizing important tasks and allocating the proper effort on it so that you can conserve more time and energy for bonding time with your husband an kids or making a “Me Time” for you to reward all your efforts.

  1. Prioritize Basic and Important Tasks that needs immediate action.  Putting big rocks first and small rocks after that is not only a simple figurative language but a practical quote which tells us to prioritize our priorities in life like our family, our dreams and many other goals which is dependent to your will. Having a rough draft of the tasks that you must do in your house and in your work will really help a lot. Try to use a daily planner of which you can put all your schedules and the dates you are available, it is better if your kids and your husband can put their own schedules as well. Use a big planner if you would do that and display it in a place where everyone can see and notice it.
  2. Device a systematic time planner. To do these you need your husband or your kids to help you if they are mature enough. You must put the entire thing you do in your house and allocate these tasks in the proper time as agreed by your husband and your children. After that, do this as well on the tasks you do at work, as it is changing daily, you must do this on a planner of which you can write all the tasks you must at work. After planning your time and using it efficiently, you’ll see that you have more time to spend for your family and yourself as well.
  3. Learn to smooth things that are hard for you. There are tasks that are very hard to do even though you have planned your time very well. Like preparing food for your family, setting the clothes that they will use, and accompanying in their way to school. These tasks often destroy our schedule in work thus you need to do some of these things in advance. For example you can prepare their food in the night before you sleep while choosing what clothes they would use. This will give you more time in accompanying them in their way to school. Also put an allowance in your travelling time as you may face several unexpected happenings like passing in a big event with a heavy traffic and many more to mention.
  4. Put important things that you will use in an easily located place. Looking for essential things like first aid kits, wipes, your children’s favorite books, their diapers, and  your personal things is pretty hard if you don’t where to find it. Putting these things in a easily located place will help you save mush time in looking for it, thus lessening time pressure over you.

Now knowing how to use your time as a working mom, you can see the change that you can made as you have more time for your family. And as for the last, know that what is important is you and your family, so even though you need to work hard for your family’s progress, you must learn to have time for your family whom you loved most.


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