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Girlfriends Day (or Night) Out

Girlfriends Day (or Night) Out

Meeting with your girlfriends often does not only equate to fun times but also the opportunity to keep connected and maintain the good shape of your friendship. But are you running out of ideas on how spend your time with your gal pals? Worry no more. We have some fun ideas in store for you.

  • Potlucks

Set up potluck parties with your friends. A creative and wise way to make this a success is to set up themes for your potluck. You may go Italian this weekend and Chinese the next. Or if you and your girlfriends are ardent viewers of cooking shows, why not try to recreate their dishes? And to not have too many of desserts and lack of appetizers, be sure to assign who would take care of the appetizers, desserts, and entrees.


  • Games!

Playing games with your female buddies during your slumber party and firing up some friendly competition is a good way to bond with them. There are thousands of board games to choose from. You may try the classic Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders. You may also try games that are oh-so easy to facilitate like charades. For day out with friends, you may try fun outdoor games like Frisbee.


  • Spa-rty

Because of toxic school and work responsibilities, you and your friends may need a little pampering. The good thing is that you could pamper yourselves and bond at the same time. Try to make group reservations at your favorite spas or salons and check out for promos they offer to customers who go in groups.


  • Raid ALL Closets

Not only raiding each and every closet of every gal belonging to the group proves to be a fun activity. It also helps you and your friends get rid of clothes they no longer wear and give them to a sister who would look lovely in those clothes. What a fun and budget-friendly way to mix up your fashion style, isn’t it?


  • Chick Flick Night

This may appear to be a simple movie night with friends where you would watch a chick flick you all agreed on. But you could add a little twist by playing movie critic and discussing the plot, setting, and characters after seeing the film. You may also go for TV show marathons.


  • Class

Another fun way to bond with friends is to take a class together. You may sign up for a yoga or aerobics class. Self-defense classes are highly recommended so that you do not only have fun and work out, but also get ready for emergency situations.


  • Slumber Party

How long has it been since you all enjoyed being in your pajamas, digging on ice creams, and talking about your crushes? Maybe it has been a long time since you last had a slumber party and maybe it is about time to organize another one.


  • Road Trips

During weekends, break free from the craziness of the big city and hit the road with your best pals! If you do not have that much time and means to leave the city, try scouring the streets for good foods and perfect fashion finds.

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