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Spoil Yourself

Spoil Yourself

Because you are one amazing and wonderful woman who efficiently and dedicatedly carries out her many responsibilities at home, at work, and in her relationships, you need a little time off and treat yourself with tender loving care. The next time you feel too burdened by the many requirements and pressures of the society and of the world, all you need to do is to take a step back, breathe, and indulge yourself. How? We have some suggestions.

What songs are you playing inside your car? Whenever you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities and duties, you must go to your favorite singer or band’s concert. It does not matter if you have someone to take with you or not. A true fan is there to support the band or singer she always loved and not because she wanted to be with somebody, right? Besides, their music saved you and kept you sane for so long. You deserve to see them live.

Though this could be really little and trivial, why not change your display photo on your favorite social networking site? Wear your fanciest dress, fix your hair, and put on some makeup. Make yourself beautiful and do not be afraid to flaunt your beauty for the entire world to see.

Next time you visit the salon, try to indulge yourself with a nail art service. Do not have your usual solid-colored paints and French tips. Go for something loud and fancy. Try something new every once in a while.

And yes, dig on a slice of delicious and irresistible cake. While we must always observe eating the right foods to keep our health in good shape, it does us good to let ourselves succumb to the deliciousness we always loved especially when we truly deserve it.

And if this past week has been sleepless and tiresome, hit the sheets and let yourself go to slumber. Find some time to let your body rest after all the hard work it had to endure.

Yes, buy a lottery ticket. It pays off to get a little hopeful every once in a while and see yourself as the next multi-millionaire.  Who knows? The odds could be in your favor.

Go see a movie alone. Though most people see this as something hard to endure, it is actually a great opportunity to really absorb the film you choose to watch. In fact, going to the movies alone is so underrated. Make this a habit. Trust me.

Go make yourself a steaming cup of tea and sip until the last drop. Sometimes, all a tired body and mind needs is a cup of tea, and perhaps a good book.

Dress up! Who says you need a special occasion to dress up? You are free to dress the way you want to and feel oh-so gorgeous.

And yes, take a shower. Let the water wash away all your worries and feel your muscles a lot more relaxed after your shower time. It also cools off a hot head and soothes a weary soul.

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