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Cartoon Moms We All Love

Cartoon Moms We All Love

Motherhood could be the one of the most beautiful things on earth if not really the most beautiful. But if you think it is all fun and sweetness, you could not be more wrong. It is a bold and daring responsibility that greatly requires the gentleness of the heart and strength of spirit twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. All our mothers deserve our utmost respect and love, including the fictional and animated ones.

  • Queen Elinor (Brave)

It is not easy to raise kids, especially when you a have a rebellious teenage daughter who would not do anything you tell her. It is most especially difficult when your rebellious teenage daughter unintentionally transforms you into a bear and puts your life in great danger. But this grave mistake allowed both of them to see each other’s perspective and develop and stronger and happier bond.


  • Helen Parr  (The Incredibles)

She was once the famed superhero Elastigirl who turned to a loving wife and good-natured mother who had the not-so-easy task to raise her super kids Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. It was noble and courageous of her to use her superpowers and her motherly capabilities to keep her family safe and to keep them together through the good times and the bad. Here’s to Mrs. Incredible who is literally a super mom!


  • Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast)

While her motherly affection for her son Chip has been very noticeable all throughout the film, she never fails to extend her compassion to the people she barely even knew like Belle and her father. Moreover, she proves to be loyal to the Beast, always being at his side and protecting him from the angry mod that storms their castle.


  • Franny Robinson (Meet the Robinsons)

Mrs. Robinson is the ideal mom of every kid. She is kind, strong, wise, and loving. What is even better about Franny is that she is not the kind of mom who would push you to your limit and expect nothing but success and perfection. Rather, she open-mindedly understands failure and is always there to catch your back when you fall. With the family’s motto of “keep moving forward”, who would not be motivated to always try and stand up after every fall? Franny Robinson certainly is the ideal mom from the ideal family.


  • Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)

While she appears to not be the ideal mother for being sometimes a killjoy, demanding, and not practicing what she is preaching, she proves to be a loyal wife and an understanding mother. It is not easy to hold together the most dysfunctional family not only in Springfield but perhaps in the whole wide world, and only Marge Simpson could do the job.


  • Perdita (101 Dalmatians)

If you were Perdita, how would you handle the kidnapping of all your fifteen puppies by a crazy lady who loves furs? If it was a typical woman, she would go crazy. But Perdita and her husband Pongo didn’t give up and instead went against all odds to get their babies back. What is even nicer of them is that they welcomed with open arms the orphaned puppies their babies have become friends with.

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