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Be That Strong and Confident Woman

Be That Strong and Confident Woman

While being the princess-y girl or the damsel in distress who bats her eyelashes to attract her prince charming really do sweep men off their feet, most of the matured and intellectual members of the masculine side fall head over heels for the confident and strong women. Why? Well, why the heck not?

Strong and confident women are driven to succeed. But take not that having the drive to reach the top does not always equate with being heartlessly ambitious. The big difference is that while heartlessly ambitious women would do whatever it takes, even the bad things, to emerge as the victor, women who have the urge to succeed in life knows what she wants in life, layouts plans to make them happen, and does her best to achieve her goals without letting the successes get into her head.

Another good thing about strong and confident women is that they are opinionated and they let themselves be heard. Strong and confident women could let the world know what is in her mind in an objective and logical manner and with grace, and she does not take others’ opinions too lightly or too heavily.

Strong and confident women and perhaps also intelligent ones know the difference of jealousy and love. While your average ladies would think that they are jealous because they love the guy, strong and confident women know to put the jealousy in proper place and are confident about their man’s loyal love dedicated only for them.

Confident women also could make their presence felt. It is not about seeking for attention but rather lighting up the room with her mere presence. A confident woman could let other people know that she is not to be taken lightly without rubbing them the wrong way.

Strong and confident women are also capable of appreciating your tender loving care and know when to reciprocate it. What you see in films about how the hearts of strong women appear to be as cold as the icecaps in Antarctica is not that accurate. Strong and confident women are also appreciative of human affection and they return them graciously to their partners. They know how to give and take.

Strong and confident women know who they are and are not ashamed of themselves. They act the way they feel they should and they would not hide behind the masks created by too much makeup, cosmetic surgeries, and misleading behaviors just because they seek the approval of the society. Though wearing makeup and subjecting one’s self to cosmetic surgery are no crime and must not be criticized, confident women would only do so for herself and not for anybody else.

And because strong and confident women radiate the virtues of honesty, passion, and drive towards success, they also inspire the people around them. They make such good and productive attitudes contagious and thus making people around them become better.

A woman who knows and acts empowered and able is nothing less than the woman every gentleman truly deserves.

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