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Dealing With the Gossip Girls

Dealing With the Gossip Girls

If you think all the backstabbing and badmouthing are all left behind in high school, then think again, sister. If you have grown matured enough to get rid of all the gossiping as you left high school, some people still haven’t and they might take it along with them as their hair strands turn to grey. But once you hear of some badmouthing about you, do not retaliate in an instant. Heed our tips in dealing with those gossip girls with poise and grace.

First, you must verify your facts. Be sure that you have not just misunderstood something or is taking a negative comment too strongly, or maybe you are going angry over something said about someone else. You would not want to confront the culprit and end up embarrassed because of your misleading facts. It is best to verify your facts by directly talking to the person who allegedly said something bad about you. While it could hurt you to talk to someone who badmouths you, it is best to hear her out first before reacting. Rumors are often worsened because of a bunch of hearsays and the truth gets lost somewhere in between.

Now that you have confirmed your facts, make sure that the ill-treatment is made known. Talk to the gossip girl and tell her your feelings and views about what’s been happening. You do not have to be mean to tell her your side. Let her know how hurt you were because of hearing negative criticisms about you and make her aware of the effects those negative comments have on you. Then, how the culprit would react would be your metering device to help you determine if you must make amends or burn the bridges. If she continues to be mean to you, let her out of your life. It’s toxic keeping someone like that. Just because you aren’t friends with anyone does not mean she is already your enemy.

After all the stress and drama, learn how to breathe in and relax. Is getting upset and retaliating worth all the crying and wasted time and energy? Instead of being trapped with your negative feelings, find time to seek and do things that make you truly happy. Meditation would help greatly as well as a trip to the spa for a relaxing massage. You would see that everything starts to fall into place once you have let all the bad things go. Relax, have fun, and be happy because after all, you deserve it.

And at the end of the day, prove to be the better person. Have the strength to forgive even those people who have not asked for forgiveness. It is understandable that it is not that easy to forgive right after the incident but you must soon learn to. Move on with your life with happiness and no more emotional baggage. Remember that being angry at someone is like drinking a bottle of poison and expecting the other person to die. Know that not everyone in this world could be someone you get along with. And so what? Who needs them, right?

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