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Knowing the Table Manners

Knowing the Table Manners

Eating is a very important part of human life, it serves a very important role in keeping our body functions well and active and at the same time it is also important because it is an important aspect in growth and development, immune system, and regeneration. Being an important aspect in human life, we must show respect to what and how we eat our food. We must act and execute actions properly as we eat, and it doesn’t vary on the occasion, the type of food that we eat, or the person that we are with. Every individual must know how to perform the correct and appropriate table manners at all times. Though it has been common only in fine dining, still we must know the basics of the table manners.

Table Etiquette or Table Manners is very important. It lets people know that you are to be respected and makes you look like a fine individual. Here are some of the basic and most important table manners that everyone should know about.

  1. Chew your food silently and calmly. Not everyone was able to control the volume of the sound that their chewing produces, and it so disgusting. Eat your food calmly and try not to produce more chewing sounds while eating meat.
  2. Don’t speak when your mouth is full. It is probably the most famous and most neglected table etiquette of all times. When we eat we must learn that is unpleasant to talk with a person who have something on his mouth, and it may cause miscommunication between speakers.
  3. Don’t mess with someone’s food. When you suddenly felt like you are going to sneeze, or your choked by something, always turn your head away from them as it may turn them off to what they are eating. You must learn to be sensitive enough when you are kidding someone while you are eating. There are certain limitations while eating and you must meet with it as much as possible.
  4. Just eat the right servings for you. Do not put all the stuff that you want in your plate or it may look as if you have not eaten for a long time. Eat only the proper portions that can be placed in your plate.
  5. Do not eat your food with your fingers or bare hands. At some point this is one thing that depends on what tradition or culture do you have, some Asian countries consider or prefer eating with bare hands as it may be more practical.
  6. Mind your posture. Do not slouch while eating or else you may not have the ease in eating your food. And also it may appear to the hosts as if your bored with their food or you don’t want what they have served.
  7. Do not leave the table without excusing yourself. You must not leave immediately after eating your food, you may say thanks to what you’ve eat, thanks for they have accommodated you as one of their guests. After eating you must excuse yourself if you are leaving the table early.

Now that you have known of all the table etiquette, you are now well equipped with the basics of correct and mannered dining. You may either try this out at home or try eating in a fine dining restaurant which you can best execute all the steps.

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