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Healthcare Administration Degree

Healthcare Administration Degree

The population of the United States or even all over the world is aging faster. The number of elder people is increasing with a demand of proper health care. The government is now on its way to prioritizing health among all its citizen in which the demand for healthcare administrators increases to be able to pursue and achieve the goal; the fulfillment of the affordable healthcare act. When we talk of healthcare administration, it is not only doctors and nurses which are to be allowed to work. Despite the fact that they are the ones who provide the care that we need, the healthcare administrators are the ones in charge of regulating, planning and managing healthcare systems to make sure that we experience healthcare efficiently and effectively. A Healthcare administration degree is what is needed to be able to work efficiently under this field of specialization.

A healthcare administration degree prepares its graduates to all possible challenges or outbreaks that may come brought about by the complexities and continuous growth of the healthcare industry. They are educated and trained to be able to run medical facility smoothly and facilitate as much as possible all healthcare needs. The employment growth for graduates of healthcare administration degree is increasing as much as 22% which is much faster as compared to other fields. A Healthcare Administration Degree, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, provides the training and education necessary for taking advantage of the numerous career opportunities in the field.

Healthcare administration degree students are trained by taking several courses in general business management principles, accounting and strategic planning, in addition to classes specifically tailored toward work in the healthcare industry, such as health policy, legal principles and ethics. For some who may want to achieve a higher level as leaders of the field may continue their study and reach a master in healthcare administration degree (MHA) that requires a higher level of training as compared to bachelor degree that focuses on real-world issues, often including a required residency practicum or other capstone project.

With the increase in demand for healthcare administration degree, there are now a wide variety of programs offered by different college and universities or even on-line school programs that you can choose from. Choosing the best healthcare administration degree program is one of the key to be competitive and prepared on the career you wish to pursue.

health care degree

Standout programs include Ithaca College’s B.S. in Health Care Management degree, which emphasizes hands-on learning and practical experience through internships, supervised research and other fieldwork opportunities, and the online B.S. in Health Services Administration offered by Drexel University, which allows students to enroll part-time and complete their degrees entirely through distance-based coursework. These are just some of the bachelor degree you may choose from. If you may want to go for master of Health Care Management degree, you may go and take the versatile MHA/MBA dual-degree program offered by the University of Washington, or in the executive MHA program available through the University of Minnesota, a hybrid online/on-campus degree track designed for current healthcare professionals. When searching for the best healthcare administration degrees, factors such as school ranking, faculty experience and curricular strengths or specialties should all be considered. Practicality and application of the curriculum to the actual field should also be considered to make sure that what you are learning will help you out in the field. Prospective graduate students in particular should seek out programs with a practicum or research component. The online healthcare administration degree programs will be fully accredited and will integrate interactive learning methods with a flexible online delivery format. Just make sure that these schools and online programs are accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).

If you want to check online, here are the best online healthcare administration degree programs that I may recommend to you:

University of Minnesota- Crookston: Bachelor of Science in Health Management

–          The UMC’s B.S. Health Management program teaches students the ins and outs of the business side of healthcare in order to prepare them as much as possible for a managerial position in the field. UMC’s devotion is to training skilled healthcare managers because excellent managers are the key to delivering quality healthcare efficiently.

Colorado State University-Global Campus: Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Management

–          Colorado State University is focused on the education of healthcare managers that will be able to keep up with the fast paced, ever changing healthcare industry. The program has also been specifically designed to educate students on the implications of recent government changes made to the healthcare system, meaning students will graduate with a current and relevant understanding of the industry.

Drexel University: Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration

–           This degree completion program is designed for students seeking to take their healthcare career or education to the next level by earning a B.S. in Health Services Administration. Students completing this online healthcare administration degree program will be qualified for managerial positions across the broad spectrum of the healthcare industry.

Northeastern University: Bachelor of Science in Health Management

–          Northeastern University is one of the top private research institutions in the northeast. Students in the Health Management program study the intricacies of management in the healthcare industry, not just the management of personnel but also the legal and regulatory issues that are faced daily by healthcare professionals.

Bellevue University: Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

–          Bellevue University isn’t looking for students that want just any job. They are looking for students passionate about the healthcare industry that will be committed to the health, safety, and well being of patients being cared for on their watch. Bellevue recognizes that what our healthcare industry needs most is competent, caring professionals in management positions and the university seeks to train students to fill that need via its online healthcare administration degree program.

Having a healthcare administration degree has become very in demand in the healthcare industry. It provides wide range of opportunities not only in the United States but all over the world. While you are able to experience great opportunity, it also gives way for you to reach out those people who may need healthcare which is for me, a virtuous thing to do.


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