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Fitness in Softball

Fitness in Softball

Softball is great sport to keep your body fit, lean and in optimum shape. You can actually burn around 384 calories per hour or more depending on how hard and how often you play. Aside from physical fitness, it is also capable of keeping the mind sharp and alert as compared to those who do not play any sports. Softball also has long-term health benefits with a reduced chance of developing osteoporosis as well as breast cancer later in life. Speed, strength, agility, and power are obvious skills a softball player must have, and what a softball player does before and after a softball game will almost always determine how they do on the softball field.

Softball can increase the hand-eye coordination part of your brain. Part of the training is for you to “keep an eye on the ball” and that would be all the time. With that, you are able to exercise your cerebellum every time you’re at the bat and the ball is pitched your way. You apply reflexes when you raise your gloves high to catch that ball soaring in an arc through the sunny sky. When you shift in the midfield, reach your glove to the grass, and let a ground ball hop into your glove, you’re using and improving your hand-eye coordination. It develops your minds alertness and agility making you capable of thinking quick and at the same time, making your body move accordingly as your brain wanted it to be.

Softball requires strength. Throwing, running and pitching are the stunts done in this sport. With that, you develop a more muscular upper body to be able to have the strength to play efficiently. Softball calls on you to use your arms, shoulders, back, and your core strength to keep you in the game.

All the actions and reactions of softball can really get your heart pumping. Depending on the style of softball you play, you’ll be sprinting anywhere from 40 to 65 feet between bases. You may hit a triple and hustle 180 feet, or wallop a homerun over the back fence and jog a proud 240 feet. With that, you are able to have some cardio workouts as you actually play the game.

The best part of softball would be camaraderie. Team play strengthens your community connections as much as it strengthens your body. Playfully struggling through nine innings together can bring you closer to neighbors, coworkers, or church pew-mates. Sure, some leagues are super-serious and competitive, but lots of teams play for the laughs and good times. And it’s hard to take yourselves too seriously after watching each other whiff at pitches or awkwardly come up short in a slide attempt at second base.

I may have to warn you about some risks about the game. There is a high risk for you to have some bruises especially muscle pain for beginners. The sport really needs a tough body to be good in the sport. It is a team sport in which the team majorly has one goal: to win. With that comes the pressure that you have to be prepared enough physically, mentally and emotionally to play. This is actually part of the training you’ll soon find out as you try the sport. Lastly, you have to be totally alert or you might end up being hit by the ball which not really soft.

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