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Fitness through Water Aerobics

Fitness through Water Aerobics

Ever tried water aerobics? Most people would think that this type of fitness exercise is only for pregnant women. However, it would be very rude to close the doors for those who want to try it. Water aerobics is actually a fitness exercise that is good for all men and women of all ages and of all fitness level. Water aerobics is quite intense, providing significant cardiovascular and strength training benefits. Even elite athletes normally do this as an efficient cross training. If you are looking for something fun and cool to do for fitness, water aerobics may just be the one for you.

Water aerobics is basically performing aerobics on chest-deep water. In water, motion is slightly inhibited by water making exert more effort as compared to that on ground. However, your body weight is lower due to the effect of buoyancy of water making you less prone to injuries.  For those who want a more intense workout, they can opt for deep water aerobics. This workout is performed in water where the participant is unable to touch the bottom floor with his or her feet. In such a class, participants wear flotation devices and paddles; kickboards and buoys are used for added resistance.

When engaging in water aerobics, it is best to wear a comfortable and modest swimsuit to prevent unexpected wardrobe malfunctions and old sneakers or aqua shoes to prevent foot abrasions. Before engaging in any aerobic activity it is important to do basic warm up and stretches above water or in. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Just because you are in the water doesn’t mean that you aren’t sweating as much. So better keep that bottle of water at hand.

Water aerobics can offer you far range of benefits that you can’t actually think of. According to the American Council on Exercise, water buoyancy reduces the “weight” of a person to 90 percent. This reduces the burden on stress-bearing joints and muscles. For this reason, water aerobics will less likely cause injury and muscle soreness. If you are having difficulty performing certain body movements on land, you may find relief when performing them underwater. That is why water aerobics is excellent for those with arthritic joints or those recovering from painful injuries.

It improves muscle strength better than the normal aerobics as you do workouts with more effort. Though your heart beats lower as compared to doing the normal aerobics, you are rest assured that your body is still able to do the workout it needs. This is actually beneficial to those who increase heart rate easily to avoid risk of cardiac arrest. Being in the water also increases your lung capacity since your lungs are forced to work harder from the pressure of the water. Increase your long-term flexibility by performing difficult stretches. Being underwater will give you a wider-range of motion.

Still, no workouts can give you all you need. As such, water aerobics does not help in bone strengthening to combat osteoporosis. To be able to have a complete workout, it is better to engage yourself to other land exercises a week. With that, you are rest assured to get your way towards fitness.


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