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Redeeming from “diet sins”

Redeeming from “diet sins”

We want to follow our diet. However, there are times when circumstances just won’t let us. There are those instances when you are unexpectedly required to stay for work and all you what is offered for your dinner are simply chips and sodas that you can’t seem to avoid. It is really frustrating and can actually make you lose your will to pursue your diet. No matter how much healthy stuff you put into your fridge, when circumstances get the better of you, you have no choice but to lose your fight for your diet. It happens to every woman though that doesn’t mean you’re destined to live in a dietary wasteland. If you sin–or rather, when you sin–against your otherwise good-for-you diet, you have to learn how to overcome to it by at least reducing your intake of the “sinful” food and revive yourself with some food that will redeem your loss. Check out some tips below to help you out.

When you already had a bunch of calories in the morning brought about by a big latte and a banana muffin, you can start redeeming yourself by having a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with as many vegetables as can fit between two slices of bread for lunch. With that, you are able to regain the fiber you are deficient to take for breakfast and at the same time reduce your calories. You may want to eat some fruits as side dish but just keep the calories at minimum. You can also come up with something healthy for dinner so your unhealthy breakfast is properly compensated by your lunch and dinner.

When you are on a girl’s night out where you just can’t refuse when they offer you that high caloric pizza and beer, you can still get over it by dividing your meals ahead of time. It doesn’t matter what you eat, just eat less of it. Trim calories a little at breakfast and lunch in preparation for a larger amount later. With that, you won’t be banned by your friends by rejecting them just to follow your diet.

When deadlines are ahead and you have no choice but to take a fast food lunch and you end up feeling greasy as to all the calories it contains, recovery will be easy through gigantic vegetable salad at dinner, garnished with chicken strips and black beans for dinner. You have to clean your body for what you have taken during the day and vegetables are very good in doing so. Cut the fat by using chicken breast and the beans will be a good addition to the protein content of your meal with less calories.

When there goes your happy blues where there’s not much left in the calorie budget for dinner, you can still ease yourself out with a bowl of vegetable soup and an apple when you get home. Chances are you won’t feel much like cooking, and heating up soup requires little time-or fine motor skills. Be sure to stock up on low-sodium soup. Pair your meal with a tall glass of water to help rehydrate yourself after the alcohol. Apple will supply you of other nutrients you lack for the day.

See? Diet doesn’t have to be so strict, though it is really better if you could. In case you can’t keep up, a little revising and adjustments will do the trick. With that, you are rest assured to enjoy your life while keeping up with your healthy and fit lifestyle.

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