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Closet Problems

Closet Problems

“My room was totally clean until I looked for something to wear.” I’m not generalizing all women, but maybe most of us pictured this situation almost every day. Yes. Women are good in cleaning but at the same time, are also expert in messing up things. Lucky for you to be among those organized women, but if you are among those who end up almost throwing everything everywhere for just choosing your clothes for the day, you really have a problem.

It is not really a very serious illness that you have to spend so much money. It is just a matter of fixing your closet. Fixing in the sense that you have to organize your closet it may not be the same as those Type A women organizer out there, but starting sorting out some of your stuff will be a good place to start.

Organizing merely depends on how many things you have to organize. In general, women have more things to deal about than men, starting from shoes, accessories, make-ups and other stuff that men find unnecessary but are very important to us. It may be a tedious task to sort through your clothes, keep them hanging on uniform wood hangers, or color code each and every makeup palette you own, you should realize that you don’t need to be too strict when coming up with a system that can keep everything organized. You don’t have to imitate anyone’s closet, just make it into something that can really work for you in a well-ordered way.

Here are some tips that I hope could help you out.

Start from empty and start filling it up. It will be good to start by emptying all the stuff in your closet and fill it little by little as you sort things out. This will also help you realize if your closet is enough for all your stuff. From there, you can also start visualizing how you are to organize your things in the most convenient way for you.

Use baskets and bins. Sorting with the use of basket and bins is good to avoid rumbling things around. From jewelries, cosmetics, and other stuff that you normally mess around would still look good as long as they are in the same containers as classified.

Door panels can also be used to place some stuff. Bags, belts, scarves, accessories can easily be hang at your door panel. It is actually a space saver since you normally neglect the space occupied by it. and as long as they are grouped and hung accordingly, it is still organized.

 Keeping a shoe collection. If you don’t have enough space, don’t try to display everything. If you are really fond of buying shoes, you should start learning how to keep your shoes especially those which are seldom used. You can just have a picture of them so you don’t have to pull everything out in their boxes as you look for them. Frequently used footwear can be placed on a separate shoe rack for convenience.

It is really about how you discipline yourself. You don’t really have to clean it every day. Just know how to return things where they are placed after you are done using them and all will be left in order.


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