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Shades of Red

Shades of Red

Perhaps the best, if not really the best which I highly doubt, lip color would be red. It’s sexy, it’s fierce, it is fiery. It brings out the woman in every girl. Everyone of us always dreamt of working that red lipstick on our lips. But, too often, we are afraid that it would not love us as much as we love it. The secret to having that sexy, fabulous and head-turning red on your lips is finding the perfect shade that matches the color of our skin.

For fair-skinned chicks, a not shiny red that is nearer the orange hue is best for the lips. The pinkish complexion, especially if you have blonde hair color, perfectly complements the matte red nearing the orange hue. But if you are an oriental chick whose fair skin has that yellow hint, warm brick red lipstick would work best.

For tanned, sun-kissed skin, dark and deep red shade with golden hint would look best. Amazingly, this shade of red would look best on almost any kind of skin color. But if you have that light brown skin with dashing blue eyes, you could surely pull off a bright orange lipstick. Go, work it! For skin that appears golden, a neutral red of brown would be great. It is a low maintenance look that gets rid of the risks. Be reminded to avoid glossy lipsticks.

For bronze tones like that of Kourtney Kardashian, almost any shade would look great. For Katniss-like looks which involves olive skin and green eyes, pinkish and red lipsticks would look wonderful as well. It makes the undertones of the skin and the gorgeous eyes stand out.

For dark-skinned gals with gold hints, lusterless red or orange would look good. It maintains that warm color all throughout. Cool shades may also look good for dark-skinned women as the contrast gives her that contemporary aura.

Red is a powerful color. It symbolizes deep love, romance, fiery passion, and sexiness. Every woman deserves to wear the color red. But it is not that easy. We have to find the perfect red for us. But the hard work and effort does not end in finding the perfect shade of red. It also entails ample knowledge in the proper application and preservation of the perfect color on our lips, and at the same time not resulting to drying and damaging our naturally fabulous lips.

If black is the all-powerful and ever-elegant color for clothes and shoes, red is the one for the lips. Who could resist that kissable, sexy and beautiful lips of yours in a kind of red that makes you stand out among the rest? Red is for beauty. Red is for love. Red is for sexiness. Red is for style. Red is for fashion. Red is for elegance. Red is for romance. What are you waiting for? Go straight to your nearest makeup shop, go search for that red that suits you best, and own the world without even saying a word.

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