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Hippie Couture

Hippie Couture

In the 1960s, there has been a youth movement that arose in the United States of America and all over the world. It is a movement initiated by who are popularly known as hippies. They are people who protest for the breaking the bondage of tradition, and supports and encourages extremely liberal perspectives and viewpoints. They are also avid supporters of universal peace and love. They are typically seen with long hair, taking road trips with people not among their family, and taking drugs.

Today, being hippie does not directly mean being an advocator of peace, love and their kind of music. Being a hippie can simply pertain to a kind of fashion style since their distinct choice of clothes and style notably separates them from other kinds of fashion statements. Let us know the twists and turns into having that hippie fashion.

Hippies, most often, are seen with long hair even if you are a male. And it must look messy or untidy. But be sure that it is, in fact, washed and clean. Just make it look untidy, not really untidy. There is also even a popular item called the hippie band that is a kind of headgear worn around the forehead. Hippies are often seen with flowers so go get flowers. Women are also typically seen with really short skirts and boots. Men would then be wearing scruffy jeans and large leather vests. And unconventional stuff is always given thumbs up. Remember, they are nonconformists so anything that goes against the mainstream things is openly welcomed. And probably one of the most important ingredients to working that hippie fashion is a peace symbol. A true hippie fashion can never be without a peace symbol.

Actually, it is suggested to go wear used clothes. Buy second hands. Purchase at thrift stores. Hippie fashion is about stopping patronizing products of large-scale corporations and supporting local shops. It may also be better if you can make clothes of your own. Remember, go against the typical routine.

Simple tees are also okay to wear as long as you have accessories to embellish it. Tie-dyed tops, dashikis, and peasant blouses are massive hits among the hippies. Also, it is not only about the top. Be smart in choosing pants, skirts or shorts. Faded, threadbare and seemingly filthy jeans are really very hippie.

It is not just about the clothes, but also about the footwear. Choose the right one, or better yet, do not wear any at all. Birkenstocks sandals are often signature hippie footwear. In low temperatures, boots and moccasin-style shoes replace the use of sandals. But every so often, hippies would prefer walking on their bare feet.

Also, avoid really making too much effort regarding hair fashion. Just wear it long and loose. Do not think of styling it. If you are a man, facial wear are good to have. Do not bother shaving. If you prefer tying your hair, just make it to a low ponytail or pigtails, or just braid it. You could also add feathers or flowers on your hair. Dreadlocks are also welcome.

To finish the look, choose the appropriate accessories. Popular anti-war symbols like peace and love signs are highly suggested. Hand-crafted jewelries are also giving that hippie vibe.

Welcome to the hippie fashion!

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